Among the stars

From my newsletter this week:

I woke up this morning, as we all did, to the sad news of David Bowie's passing. I cried, and my husband cried, and I looked online and my friends were crying. There is an entire generation of people crying right now, who grew up bestirred by his vivid outlaw art.

He was so thoroughly himself and he invited the world to accept him, exactly as he was at any given moment in his creative career, without fear or shame. I will always be grateful for his example in doing this. It encouraged me to be myself more, to take the risk of being out loud and proud about who I was, and still inspires me in who I am now and who I hope am becoming: a free being, a beautiful being, an empowered and willful being at every stage of life.

I believe that nothing is born and nothing dies. Everything just changes shape, and all matter is actually simply a churning ocean of energy that just IS. I'll be looking for the shapes of energy and paintings of sound that David Bowie will be creating in his now form. I am sure he will relish the freedom and limitlessness of his new medium. It does not make my grief about his transformation, the transformations of countless gifted beings, or the transformations of anyone I actually know and love, any easier. 

Learning to accept that the things and people foundational to our inspiration and development will age, change, succumb, and pass on is deep spiritual work. Learning to accept the wrinkles, memory foibles, failings of health, and other conditions that accompany the wheel of life, death, and rebirth is one that requires great compassion. Learning not to be devastated by loss, but instead to delight in all the good of what has been, what is, and what is yet to come is a very advanced practice. There is hardly anyone on Earth who can achieve it all day, every day, but we each have our moments when we look up at the stars and know the joy of being one small grateful piece of a vast and timeless body of light.

Today there is a new star shining on us, singing to us, dancing in the sky above, beaming courage down to those of us who have chosen to be our true creative selves as freely as possible. When we leave these bodies to dance among the stars, to join the vast and timeless body of light, to literally become imagination itself, may it be so that we each paint the beautiful, technicolor universe with the songs of our flight, and inspire the generations yet to come in their own quest for freedom.