Alternatives to Appropriation

I'm pleased to announce that I was invited to participate in the African American Wisdom Summit offered by The Shift Network this February. 

My talk is called "Alternatives to Appropriation" and is focused on ways that we can begin to decolonize our approaches to cultural wisdom-sharing. As a member of a multi-racial, multi-religious family, this topic and I have a long history together. 

In my presentation, I offer three alternatives to appropriation: appreciation, preservation, and propagation. I offer some very simple, down-home examples of what I mean by these terms, and how one might apply them. The talk is especially directed toward Caucasian allies and practitioners, but may also be useful for cross-cultural practitioners from every background.

While I am certainly no expert on this subject, and am ever-learning better ways to be sensitive, I was very grateful to be asked to speak on a topic near and dear to my heart. I feel especially honored and humbled that I have been included among some truly great people in this Summit, such as Yeye Luisah Teish, LeVar Burton, Szmeralda Shanel, Ifalade TaShia Asanti, Nikki Giovanni, and StaceyAnn Chin. Each of these powerful people has offered so much wisdom and grace to my life that I bow in deep respect and am so happy to be able to learn more from them in their talks for this event.

The best part about this Summit it that it goes all month in February, and is completely free of charge. I strongly recommend that, like me, you'll register and tune in to this wisdom-sharing powerhouse of programming.

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