In this podcast, I honor several recently-deceased ancestors, each of whom left a powerful mark in my world : Loreon Vigne, Ai-Churek, Randy David, Lady Olivia Roberston, Les Feinberg*, Morning Glory Zell, and Shekinah Mountainwater.

This podcast contains music, chants, and speeches by :
Same blood, Same Heart by Tia
Members of the family and friends of Loreon Vigne, including her niece Leslie
Life, Death & Rebirth by Yeshe
Patrick, partner of the deceased Randy David
Hekate by Rowan

*Please note, I included a passage by an author who formerly wrote under the name Leslie Feinberg, but who later in life preferred to be called Les Feinberg. 

Please forgive the poor quality of some of my audio recordings. I take audio all over the place and I don't always have a great microphone. HiC does a wonderful job cleaning it up, but there are some difficulties in clarity for which no wizardry is sufficient.



Image : Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, CA